NITROMousse GEN 2 / TUBLISS / Tubes

Our NITRO Mousse GEN 2 have a proven track record for performance, durability and cost effectiveness.

NOTE: Beware of old heavily discounted GEN 1 NITRO mousses still being sold in
NZ ! These are shrunken and hardened due to old age -We only sell fresh GEN 2 NITROmousses !!

Click the NITROMOUSSE Icon below for fitment, pricing and pressure options

MITAS also offer a range of Heavy duty 2mm and Ultra Heavy Duty 4mm tubes for those who prefer a non-mousse option.
In addition we now represent the sole NZ distributor for NITROMOUSSES and the TUBLISS system -for those who prefer it to Mousse.
We can also supply specialist Tyre levers, Bead Buddys and Mousse Lube to make Mousse insert, Tubliss or Tube fitting significantly easier.

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