We now have a large range of NITRO MOUSSE and other mousses to fit most tyres-email us for correct sizing advice.

SPECIAL- Introductory offer on NITROmousse-RRP $249 -Our Price $229 all sizes.

NITROMOUSSE are considered one of the world leaders in Mousse technology-with a different process of moulding in the Nitrogen bubbles- that leaves the mousse imparting a springier more “tube like” feel, compared to other brands, plus significantly longer service life.

ALL our NITRO Mousses are the latest GENERATION 2 version -which are offered in SOFT Black Wrinkly (6 to 8psi) and MEDIUM Grey smooth (10 to 12 psi).

BEWARE of older (Shrunken, Black, and hard -12 to 14 psi) heavily discounted Gen 1 Nitro stock imported into NZ in the past-it will not fill the carcass of your tyre correctly. !!

Email us re sizing fitments and deals on NITRO Mousse GEN 2