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We specialise in the sale of Mitas Tyres and have the experience and knowledge to assist you in choosing the correct tyres for any given situation.

Developed with and fitted by the many of the world’s top riders in both disciplines, these tyres have a proven pedigree at Romaniacs, Erzberg, Sea to Sky and Roof of Africa etc, with carcasses and compounds delivering exceptional grip and durability.

The Mitas MX line is intended for both professional and amateur riders seeking high performance and was developed in cooperation with many professional motocross riders on different tracks and various types of terrain and will include the new Terraforce models when available.

Designed to perform and excel in both Summer and Winter Cross Country racing and also Trail riding.

Mitas stock a full range of tyres for the Classic Motorcycle enthusiast to retain that original appearance.

Mitas has a full range of Adventure /Trail tyres tested and proven all over the world in the most challenging conditions.
Models are marked with Road / Trail suitability as follows- i.e. 80 Road /20 Trail.

Our Mousses have a proven track record for performance and durability at Red Bull Romaniacs and other tough events in Europe plus we offer the Tubliss tyre system and a range of Heavy and Ultra Heavy Duty tubes for those who prefer a tubed option.

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MITAS riders in R1 of 2019 N.Z. Extreme Enduro Champs

60% of the Top 10 in Gold Class chose MITAS Tyres ...The Racers edge!!

                        Chris Birch wins on a Day License, and Jake Whitaker (pictured) leads Championship                                              standings after round one, both on MITAS.

                                             MITAS riders also filled 4 of the first 5 gold  positions.

                                             35% of Silver Top 10 also chose MITAS

                                     C19 Front Skinny or Fat + XT754 or XT454 Rear
                                                -the ultimate winter combination!!

Jake Mitas Biggest Resized