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We specialise in the sale of MITAS Tyres and have the experience and knowledge to assist you in choosing the correct tyres for any given situation.

Developed with and fitted by the many of the world’s top riders in both disciplines, these tyres have a proven pedigree at Romaniacs, Erzberg, Sea to Sky and Roof of Africa etc, with carcasses and compounds delivering exceptional grip and durability.

Designed to perform and excel in both Summer and Winter Cross Country racing and also Trail riding-with tyre compounds and patterns to suit all types of condtions.

MITAS has a full range of Adventure /Trail tyres tested and proven all over the world in the most challenging conditions.
Models are marked with Road / Trail suitability as follows- i.e. 80 % Road / 20 % Trail.

The new MITAS TERRAFORCE MX line is intended for both professional and amateur riders seeking high performance and was developed in cooperation with many professional motocross riders on different tracks and various types of terrain world-wide.

MITAS Trials tires are designed for both professional and amateurs riders in the Trials discipline

MITAS Speedway tyres are used worldwide for Speedway Competition.

MITAS make a full range of tyres for the Classic Motorcycle enthusiast to retain that original appearance. 

MITAS Scooter tyres are now available for many makes and models of Scooters.

CUSTOM FORCE-Custom Cruiser Tyres featuring durability, stability, comfort and an attractive design. Great riding performance, and milage, extensively tested and proven in the USA.


TOURING FORCE-Ideal for riders looking for a sport touring tire for a comfortable and confident road trip. A perfect choice for all types of sport touring motorcycles. The go-to tire if you are looking for enhanced wet grip and extended mileage.

SPORT FORCE-the ideal choice for sporty riding on twisty roads. Precise and stable at high speeds on straight roads plus maximum control and grip at extreme lean angles during cornering.

We offer the TUbliss tyre system and a range of Heavy and Ultra Heavy Duty tubes for those who prefer a standard tubed option.

NITROMousses have a proven track record for performance and durability at events all around the world.

Mitas News


Team MITAS / NITROMOUSSE rider Jake Whitaker (pictured right) places 2nd in Expert E3 Class and 8th outright for the series in the 2021 NZ ENDURO champs, with Team MITAS /NITROMOUSSE rider James Kerr placing 5th also in Expert E3 class, and many other MITAS equipped riders filling top 5 spots in EVERY other class of the series.

In the NZ ENDURO Intermediate class MITAS riders Harrison McClintock and Josh Alexander won TTR1 and TTR2 respectively for 2021.

2021 DIRT GUIDE WINTER CROSS COUNTRY Series-Team MITAS riders Jake Whitaker and James Kerr place 1st and 5th for the series in Expert Open 2 Stroke class, and MITAS rider Ethan Jameson wins the Intermediate class Overall.

MITAS/NITROMOUSSE Rider Ethan Jameson-at only 14 yrs old- also secured the Bronze Open Class series win in the 2020 NZ Extreme Enduro Championship. Look out for him!!!

MITAS/NITROMOUSSE Team Rider James Kerr was crowned Expert E2 Champion at the 2020 North Island Enduro Champs.

MITAS dominates the 2021 NZ Enduro series results !!-Many riders run the Terraforce EF Front Yellow compound and either XT754 Green or C18 Green compound rear tyres.



Jake Whitaker TEAM MITAS Lead Rider-NZ #2 Extreme Gold- running our NITROMOUSSE mousse inserts.
James Kerr TEAM MITAS Rider-North Island 2020 E2 Enduro Champion-running our NITROMOUSSE mousse inserts.
Josh Alexander -2021 NZ Enduro series Intermediate TTR2 champ-running MITAS/NITROMOUSSE.
Top National Junior Enduro/Extreme Enduro Racers Harrison McClintock (2021 Intermediate TTR1 champ)-and Ethan Jameson - now running our MITAS Tyres/NITROMOUSSE mousse inserts.
Spence McClintock 2020 Nth Island and Central Enduro series Expert Vet Champion-MITAS/NITROMOUSSE equipped.
Ethan Jameson/Zach Sefuiva -NZ 2020 Extreme Series Bronze Class #1 and #3-Using MITAS/NITROMOUSSE.
Lucia Oles - NZ Extreme Series Ladies Champion-running MITAS TYRES.
2020 NZ Enduro A Class Vets 50-54 Champion Don Munro-running MITAS TYRES.

Now distributing New GEN 2 NITRO MOUSSE and TUBLISS in NZ.

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