"NITROmousse" Mousses / "RABACONDA" Mousse/ADV/Street Changers

MITAS NZ are the NZ Importer of NITROmousse.-The largest selling Mousse in the world.

NITROmousse now dominate the NZ mousse market due to many years of superior mousse fitment knowledge, NZ racing experience and product backup / rider fitment training.

We now have a massive range of NITRO MOUSSES to fit almost all Dirt Bike tyres.

NITROMOUSSE are considered one of the world leaders in Mousse technology-with a different process of moulding in the Nitrogen bubbles- that leaves the mousse imparting a springier more “tube like” feel, compared to other brands, plus significantly longer service life-approx 1.5 longer or more- than ALL other Mousse brands – no other brand lasts longer !

ALL our NITRO Mousses are the latest GEN 2 version -which are offered in SOFT Black Wrinkly (6 to 8psi) and MEDIUM Grey smooth (10 to 12 psi).

This means no drilling of firmer Mousses from other brands to achieve Extreme Enduro softness -as drilled Mousses fail very quickly.!

Our NITRO Mousse have a proven track record for performance, durability and cost effectiveness.

We have a complete range of NITROmousse sizes and compounds to suit your requirements-CONTACT US for fitting applications -they will fit all brands of tyres.

We only keep the latest NITROmousses-so you can buy with confidence.

Want to go to Mousses but it looks daunting ?

We will sell you everything you need to move over to Mousses-incl the world famous “RABACONDA” Mousse/ADV/Street fitting machines, Tyre Levers, Bead Buddys, Training videos, Tech Sheets and our personalized support and backup.

Don’t be scared !-No one ever goes back once they make the jump-Just ask the Top NZ Racers.

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