MITAS TUBES – Heavy Duty and Ultra Heavy Duty -All Sizes/Thicknesses


Top quality MITAS Heavy Duty and ULTRA Heavy Duty  Inner tubes.

Heavy Duty :  2mm thickness

Ultra Heavy Duty: 4mm thickness

Classic : Small volume Tubes for skinny Classic tyres- Contact us re Sizing options.

All fitted with straight necked standard car /motorcycle valves.

The ultimate protection against punctures if you are still wanting to run Tubes.

NOTE: 4mm Ultra HD Tube is NOT recommended for use when desired inflation pressure is below approximately 9 psi as they are just so thick they barely inflate/expand into the tyre carcass !

2mmHD– For all Offroad applications (Adventure riding and low pressure Offroad Racing/Riding)-any pressure.-Part number 57-6956 is a larger rear tube than 57-6999 – and while either can be used the 57-6956 fills out the larger knobblies and Adventure tyres better due to its increased volume.

4mmUHD– For medium/high pressure Offroad and Ultimate Adventure riding protection.-for use at 9psi or higher.

NOTE: When out of stock -we will substitute with Avon brand tubes- Same thickness and quality.





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