Moped -Vintage/Classic M02 Moped 2.00 x 19 (Rims often marked 23×2.00)


This Vintage Moped Tyre M02 comes in 2.00 x 19 and 2.25 x 19 and can be special ordered through us from the Factory with a 50% deposit and an average wait time of 3 to 5 months.

This tyre fits many vintage mopeds incl. Zundapps -even though they actually have 23 x 2.00 stamped on the rims !!

Measure your RIM diameter from Rim to Rim (not tyre top to tyre top) and if it is 19 Inches then you need this tyre despite its 23x 2.25 stamping.

NOTE: When you do your order-just deposit 50% of the generated Invoice.-the remaining is due on Tyre arrival.

Any questions-just email us.


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