Tyre Lever -Pro Thin Lipped-TL2-For All Mousses and/or RABACONDA Mousse Changer System


Professional quality Thin-Lipped tyre lever.(Long) length-380 mm-as recommended by RABACONDA Mousse changing systems-(use 5x TL2 levers)

Take the sweat, swearing and trauma out of MOUSSE insert changing with these Thin-Lipped levers- as they fit in easily where fatter leavers won’t.

Particularly recommended for MOUSSE changing due to its thin-lipped design -which easily enables lever insertion in  the crucial start and finish stages of Mousse fitting/removal.

These are part of our system for NITROMOUSSES-and MUST be used with the RABACONDA Mousse changing machine to obtain full performance results.

If  Tubed/Tubliss  service work is required as well as mousses-use 3 to 4 of the TL1 Ridged levers for the Tube/Tubliss fitment and 5 of these TL2 levers for the Mousse fitting.

Recommended number of these levers for installing/removing ONLY Mousses -use 5 of these TL2 levers and none of the Ridged TL1 levers.

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