Tyre Lever -Pro Ridged- TL1


Professional quality RIDGED tyre lever.(Long) -length 350mm.

Take the sweat and “tube stabbing” out of tyre changing with this Ridged lever.

Particularly recommended for TUBE changing due to its ridged design -which minimises tube puncturing during the installation or removal of motorcycle tubes-by stopping the lever from going in too far.

Also perfect for doing the TUBLISS system or MOUSSES-but MOUSSE systems also require 2 of the Thin Lipped levers (also on the website) for the tight beginning and end spots on the rim.

Recommended number of these levers for Tubes/Tubliss = 3 to 4- and if doing Mousses as well-3 to 4 of these plus 2 x Thin lipped versions

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