RABACONDA Mousse Changer RMC1



We are the only NZ company to import the GENUINE ORIGINAL RABACONDA 3 Minute Mousse changer into New Zealand direct from the manufacturer in Europe.

The manufacturer will no longer ship to the public outside of Europe via internet sales but their last offered freight estimate to NZ was $350 NZD-making them over $950 NZD to land here.

We have managed to massively reduce this freight cost by combining limited RABACONDA shipments with our Tyre containers.

Go to Utube and watch any ISDE Race pit setup of an Enduro team and see multiple Rabacondas in every tent.-The ISDE guys use nothing else as these are the fastest and most well made original mousse changing machine. Beware of Chinese or other imitations…..-UTube Link example below:

Many of the most serious NZ Enduro and Extreme Enduro riders now have one of our Rabacondas to make mousse changing  faster and easier -whether at the races or just at home in the workshop.-Nothing makes mousse changing easier than this.!!

Comes complete with its own custom carry bag for easy portability.

NOTE: Tyre levers shown are not included in the package as many riders already have their own- but the correct style of lever must be used and is available on the website under OFFROAD TYRES/TYRE TOOLS/  “Tyre Levers Pro Thin-lipped TL2”-recommended number of levers is 5.

Very Limited stocks -Only 3 Left-next shipment ETA not confirmed yet.

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