ALL NEW !! XT754 YELLOW Stripe (Medium Compound) 120 x 18 Rear


The ALL NEW Yellow Stripe firmer compound (medium) version of the legendary XT754 Green (soft) tyre.-  NZs No1 selling rear knobbly tyre.!!

Improved performance in the faster Cross Country / Enduro / Extreme Enduro scenarios as an allrounder- partly due to firmer compound/carcass and the massive knob height.

No NZ Rear Tyre has higher knobs-or moves more soil ! -yet still has a slow wear rate.

This tyre is designed to excel in the faster terrain- especially lush Grass paddocks found in Cross Country, Enduros etc and also faster Trailriding events. (Berm Buster etc)

 With its extremely high knobs, for deep mud, clay, green wet grass, moist soil plus general North Island soft soil conditions- it is simply the best tyre available !

For slower Extreme Enduro style conditions with wet rock slippery creekbeds and/or lots of Tree Roots -use the Green (soft) version.

This tyre also excels at natural terrain MX/VMX on green paddocks at 10 to 12 psi.-The firmer carcass and compound giving superior MX performance.

Directional fitting marked but is still good reversed for extra life.

Only available in 120/90 x 18 size.

Already gaining popularity in the South Island faster events as well-where the firmer compound adds longevity and durability in Hard/Dry conditions.

 For Wet slippery rockier terrain i.e South Island Extreme events -use Terraforce EH Single or Double Green 140 x 18 Low Knob or the “MHDG” Extreme in 120 x 18 Double Green (Super Soft) High Knob.

Get yours now -Very LIMITED numbers.

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