XT754 Rear Green Stripe Soft 120/90×18-Semi Gummy


NZ’s Premium Enduro/Extreme Enduro/Winter Cross Country Tyre.-Semi Gummy Compound

The NUMBER ONE selling rear knobbly tyre in NZ  regardless of brand-for the disciplines listed above, -with a Cult status and a massive following !

Fantastic  performance in deep mud, all moist soils, tree roots, clay and sand due to extremely high knob height -yet retains an extremely low wear rate-Due to a special Rubber compound mix.

This tyre has the tallest knob height of any rear knobbly in NZ-part of its performance secret.-Nothing moves more Mud or Dirt !

It boasts a compliant 2 ply carcass and a semi-gummy knob compound for exceptional grip.

Nothing can outperform this tyre in moist or muddy NZ conditions-yet still holds its own in rocky creekbed and boulder river crossing type terrains.

Available in 120/90×18 size only.

Mousse or Tubliss highly recommended for best performance -but still a top performer when used with Heavy Duty Tubes.

Now being used in many parts of the South Island during winters with great results.

Hurry !- Imminent price rise coming.



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