XT754 Rear Green Stripe (Soft) 120/90×18-Semi Gummy-NZ’s No1 Selling Knobbly.


 NZ’s Premium Enduro/Extreme Enduro/Winter Cross Country Tyre.-Semi Gummy  (Green) Compound

The NUMBER ONE selling rear knobbly tyre in NZ  -regardless of brand-for the disciplines as listed above, with a Cult status and a massive following !

Also now available in Yellow (medium) compound-see separate listing.

Fantastic  performance in deep mud, all moist soils, tree roots, clay and sand due to extremely high knob height -yet retains an extremely low wear rate- Due to a special Rubber Compound Matrix.

This tyre has the tallest knob height of any rear knobbly in NZ -part of its performance secret.-Nothing moves more Mud or Dirt !

It boasts a compliant 3 light ply carcass and a semi-gummy knob compound for exceptional grip- and yet continues to perform extremely well even when significantly worn- a unique feature. -Many riders get massive hours out of this tyre.

Nothing can outperform this tyre in moist or muddy NZ conditions-yet still holds its own in rocky creekbed and boulder river crossing type terrains.

Available in 120/90×18 size only.

Green Stripe (soft) compound or Yellow (Medium) compound-see separate listing for XT754 Yellow.

Mousse or Tubliss highly recommended for best performance -but still a top performer when used with Heavy Duty Tubes.

Now also being used in many parts of the South Island during winters with great results.

This Tyre has won the Shaun Clarke HARD Adventure  3 DAY almost every year since its inception.-The LEGEND !

NEWS FLASH- XT754 wins yet again at the 2023 Forestland Hard Adventure 3 Day at Labour Weekend -Totally Dominant. !!

TEAM MITAS NZ rider Jake Whitaker wins the event outright on the XT754.

Over 40% of competitors across all classes ran this tyre- and its reputation just keeps growing.!!

Join the XT754 Gang !





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