C21 Front Yellow stripe 10/90 ADV-size 90/90 x21


Suitable for a wide range of terrain from medium to hard-pack, soil, sand or rock. Tall center knob with scoop profile to handle hard front braking on loose terrain. Hooked side knobs to grab and navigate ugly ruts.

Recommended as a very aggressive Dual Sport/Adventure tire and rated 10% Road / 90% Offroad

  • The C-21 Yellow Stripe is a DOT approved road legal Adventure tire suitable for Intermediate to Hard terrain and has double side edge blocks for improved cornering stability on Adventure or Rally bikes.
  • Suited for very aggressive Dual Sport/Adventure  applications.
  • Stiffer 3 Ply carcass- suited to heavier 400cc or larger  bikes and a wider range of conditions.
  • Available only in 90/90 x 21
  • TT (Tubed Type Tyre)
  • Also excels at Dry Summer Cross Country racing or riding-when hard packed and/or rocky terrain is expected.
  • Suggested pairings with rears-E12/E09/C-02 /C18 when a more aggressive Front is desired.
  • NOTE: Very limited stock- just arrived.
  • Alternative- E13 Rally Front-which is 10% less aggressive but has superior onroad performance.
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