C21 Front Yellow stripe 10/90 trail


Suitable for a wide range of terrain from medium to hard-pack, soil, sand or rock. Tall center knob with scoop profile to handle hard front braking on loose terrain. Hooked side knobs to grab and navigate ugly ruts. Recommended as an aggressive Dual Sport/Adventure tire and rated 10% Road / 90% Offroad

  • The C-21 Yellow Stripe is a DOT approved road legal Adventure tire suitable for Intermediate to Medium Hard terrain and has double side edge blocks for improved cornering stability on Adventure or Rally bikes.
  • Suited for aggressive Dual Sport/Adventure  applications.
  • Stiffer 3 Ply carcass- suited to heavier 400cc to 800cc bikes and a wider range of conditions.
  • Available only in 90/90 x 21
  • TT (Tubed Type Tyre)
  • Also excels at Dry Summer Cross Country racing or riding-when hard packed and/or rocky terrain is expected.
  • Limited stock levels.
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