E09 Dual Sport 20/80 Rear


The E09 has been tested in the harshest of conditions from leisure Adventure rides to the Dakar rally. Long lasting and hardwearing, high mileage can be obtained from these tyres, yet performance is 2nd only to the E13/E12 Rallye version.

Modern type of tread pattern for both front and rear wheels of adventure motorcycles. Very good riding properties both on the road as well as in the more demanding Offroad terrain. These are the most aggressive tyres available for the big Adventure Motorcycles, other than the E13/E12 Rallye model.(which are Tubed Type).

Used and endorsed by Chris Birch.

The E-09 is R speed rated (170kph).

Ideal for serious Adventure applications on big bikes where the rider still wants to retain the Tubless factory rim setups, as the E13/E12 require tube fitment.

Some sizes are available in the Dakar version (yellow band) – a more durable and tougher tyre suitable for higher loads, longer adventure types and extreme conditions-NOTE- Dakar version gives extra resistance to damage and greater loads-NOT greater kms.

All Tyres marked TL (Tubeless) are also suitable for Tube fitment

NOTE : Some sizes have very low stock levels.


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