E07+(plus) Dual Sport Front 40/60 ADV / New Enduro Trail+(plus)


MITAS E07+ and MITAS EnduroTrail+(plus) –
Extremely popular Adventure tyres designed for Dual Sport Applications- 40/60 or 50/50


The E07+(plus) and the Mitas EnduroTrail+(plus) are improved versions of a highly popular E-07, the EnduroTrail+(plus) has been developed especially for adventure motorcycles with a goal to ensure both tyres and motorcycle work together. The modified tread pattern means the tyre delivers an overall improved off- and on-road riding performance. A bigger knobby design provides a plenty of open space between the tread blocks to displace sand, mud and water from the contact patch while keeping enough rubber in contact with the road as the tyres rotate.

Dependable On-Road manners yet still retaining the ability to go Adventuring Off- Road into moderate or more terrain when required-whilst delivering excellent service life and durability.

NOTE : The new EnduroTrail +(plus) tyre has further performance gains over the  E07+with a lighter carcass and compound changes.

Found being used throughout the world -including the most remote areas of the globe.

It is also available in DAKAR version (yellow stripe) – a more durable and tougher  tire suitable for higher loads, and extreme conditions.

NOTE- The DAKAR version gives extra resistance to puncture damage and greater load capacity-plus an increase in overall kms-BUT- is harder to change by hand and wet Onroad and Offroad performance is slightly reduced due to the harder compound.

Used and endorsed by Chris Birch

All Tyres below are marked TL (Tubeless) -but are also suitable for Tube fitment.

Watch the Chris Birch E07+ (Plus) and EnduroTrail+(plus) tutorials on this link below-


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