Terraforce EF Front Yellow Stripe Medium 90/100 x 21-(Fatty)


The NEW All Season High Performance front tyre for Enduro/Extreme Enduro  from MITAS.

Completely redesigned, this tyre boasts a new slightly softer but still medium rated compound, a 3ply carcass, a more open tread pattern that self clears at lower speeds due to new mud release ridges, wider central row knob spacing, side knobs moved further around the  carcass, and intermittent double row side knobs, all leading to significantly enhanced performance in all soft to medium terrains.

Rigorous testing in NZ conditions have confirmed big performance gains over the previous version Yellow Stripe Fattys.

This larger volume 90/100 version (Fatty) gives a greater surface contact patch area giving superior root/rock absorbtion plushness and greater high speed stability but with slightly less turning precision in mud- when compared to the 90/90 (skinny) version.

Particularly recommended for Enduro / Extreme Enduro, and during all but the very muddiest months -Regular Trail riding/Cross Country

For winter (muddiest) conditions in the North Island- the 90/90 (Skinny) version is preferred by some riders.






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