NEW “MHDG” Rear Extreme Double Green 120/90 x18 Super Gummy


NEW-MITAS “MHDG” Extreme Double Green Super Gummy 120 x 18

The latest Extreme tyre offering from MITAS.

Ideally suited to NZ Extreme Enduro conditions due to its FULL Height Knobs- (not FIM Low Knob), Large Footprint (big volume 120 size- nearly 140) and Super Gummy compound.

This tyre has undergone extensive testing in NZ Extreme Enduro and Regular Enduro conditions for the last 12 months and absolutely excels in all Extreme conditions-whether dry, rocky, muddy or moist soil, or a combination of all.

The New MHDG addresses the Extreme or regular Enduro shortcomings of both the Terraforce 140 x 18 (low FIM knob height mud issues), and the XT754 ( rocky creekbed and river boulder spin up), all in one new tyre.

The all  new knob pattern is completely reversible as its knob arrangement is identical when fitted either way- leading to longer useable tyre life.

This tyre had its official debut at the Nutbuster Extreme Event in Christchurch 2021, fitted by many top riders, and absolutely excelled in the South Island conditions as much as it already had in the North Island events -with high placings in all classes.

For bikes 200 cc and under -Recommended alternative is the new C16 Double Green Gummy in 110x 18 size due to its smaller volume.

NOTE: Tyre ID Tag and carcass of this tyre DO NOT have the letters MHDG on them- due to it being a “special release” tyre.     

The Plastic ID tag code ends in the letters DGR (double green) and tyre carcass is marked MX MH due to that existing tyre mould being used for this super soft extreme tyre.

NOTE: Now back in stock- numbers limited.




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