Terraforce EF Rear Single Green Stripe-Semi Gummy 140 x 18


The NEW replacement for the world famous EF-07 -Several years of testing by MITAS has produced a tyre for Extreme Enduro that has significantly improved mud performance over EF-07, including new self clearing carcass ridges, and wider central knob gapping -yet still retains all the rock sheet and round rock boulder performance of its predecessor and more with its added new cross cut knob tops to break mud /clay /water surface tension. Tested with great results at  Erzberg and Romaniacs in 2019, it has proven to be the new european standard in Extreme Gummies.

Still NOT recommended for deep muddy terrain- (use XT754 /XT454/C18 for that ) -due to lower height knobs  – but that knob height is part of its high performance package for all other conditions especially rock boulder and rock sheet/creekbed.

Particularly suited to South Island conditions and “Nutbuster” type races and similar trail terrain conditions.

NOTE: NOT suitable for North Island conditions due to low knob height.

Available only in size 140 x 18 but actually fits up at big 120 size and volume.

Mousse or Tubliss strongly recommended for maximum performance.

This is the Single Green Version (slightly harder compound-Longer lasting ) which is only available in limited numbers.

NOTE : Both Single 14o and Double Green 140 size  Versions now back in stock in limited numbers only.

NOTE: Do not compare this to the Michelin Starcross range !!

MICHELINS Gummy Equivalent to this tyre is $325 NZD and thus is not even imported to NZ



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