Rabaconda STREET/ADV Tyre Mounting Bead Lube- 1Kg Bucket and Brush


RABACONDA Tyre BEAD  Mounting LUBE- NOT actual GREASE- A Water Based Tyre Fitting Lubricant.

1 Kg Bucket -complete with Application Brush

This is a Tyre Mounting Lube for fitting tyres with the STREET Rabacondas- and also can be used for fitting Adventure tyres with the Street or Adventure Rabaconda-where tyre sidewalls are stiff.

This Lube is designed to make the fitting of the stiffer Street and Adventure tyres significantly easier.

NOTE -It CANNOT be used as a lubricant for TYRE  MOUSSES- it is a mounting compound only.-

Only use NITROmousse LUBE Tubes for Lubing and Fitting Mousses.

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