C18 Rear Green Stripe Enduro/Cross Country/Trail-(Soft) BIG Price Reduction !!


All-Round Enduro / Cross Country / Trailriding tyre.

Flexy 2 Ply carcass and softer Green knob compound for increased flex and grip on tree roots, mud and wet rocks.

Performs extremely well in all general moist soft to medium conditions where terrain is  varied.

A versatile all-rounder for everything but the very driest months of the year.-then use the MX S/M  Yellow stripe-Previously the Famous C18 Yellow.

Available in 18 inch -in multiple sizes.

NOTE- For  19 options – now supercedes to Terraforce MX S/M (soft / medium or Harder compound use MX  M/H (med / hard)

Note: 120/90 size C18 is recommended for bikes over 250 cc  if maximum tyre life is a priority-as it has a slower wear rate due to slightly larger and taller knobs than 110/100 size.


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