Terraforce MX M/H (Medium /Hard)


NEW -Terraforce MX M/H -The latest generation MX tyre from MITAS- designed for medium to hard MX terrain, esp hardpack and bluegroove.

The carcass and compound are slightly softer than S/M version -to give extra flex and improve grip on the hardest MX / Cross Country tracks.

Excels in  Summer Cross Country racing if hardpack and dry clay are prevalent.

Red (Med Firm) compound and carcass.

Available in 18 and 19 Inch rear fitments and 21 Inch fronts to match.

NOTE : All MX/MH fronts sold out -also 110 and 120 x 18 and 19 inch sold out-due Oct / Nov

Still available in 100/90 x 19 size only



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