Terraforce (New) EF Front Green Stripe Extreme Enduro Soft -Fatty or Skinny


New Terraforce EF Front Green stripe -available in Skinny (90/90) and Fatty (90/100) x 21

Extreme Enduro  Soft compound- Specialist  2ply Front tyre for superior performance in slippery / muddy wet rock creek and round river boulder conditions due to a softer carcass and soft knob compound.

Significantly improved performance and stability over previous model C19 Green stripe -due to wider central knob spacing and double knob blocks running further  around the side of the casing.

Suitable for Nutbuster Event type conditions esp in 90/100 fatty version-and similar rocky sheet and creekbed/river based races-esp South Island East Coast events.

NZ Extreme Enduro Championship 2019 Winner Jake Whitaker used this New Terraforce Green Stripe Fatty size tyre at the Nutbuster round to wrap up the Championship.

Note : for higher speed stability (i.e regular enduro or cross country-use Yellow Stripe Version

Mousse / Tubliss fitment highly recommended .

NOTE : 90/100 x 21 Green Fatty version SOLD OUT  again until late January 2021-Use Fatty Yellow version or Skinny Green 90/90 version.


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