Terraforce EF Front Green Stripe Extreme Enduro Soft -Fatty or Skinny


Terraforce EF Front Green stripe EXTREME-available in Skinny (90/90) and Fatty (90/100) x 21

NOTE: For Extreme Enduro Competition use only-NOT suitable for other disciplines.

Specialist Flexi 2ply carcass/Soft compound Front tyre -for superior performance in slippery / muddy wet rock creek and round river boulder conditions at SLOW to MEDIUM speeds encountered in Extreme Enduro -due to the softer carcass and soft knob compound.

Recommended fitment- Fatty (90/100 x21 size) for most Extreme events and then only the Skinny (90/90x 21) – if extremely muddy with no rock or roots.-NOTE The skinny is not generally recommended for NZ Extreme Events/Conditions.-We recommend the Fatty 90/100 x 21 for NZ Extreme terrain/events.

The 2 ply Flexi carcass is superior in Extreme Events ONLY –  in all other regular Enduro and Trailriding situations the extra flex makes it less stable at the higher speeds -than the Yellow Stripe versions.

NZ Extreme Enduro Championship 2019 Winner Jake Whitaker used this  Terraforce Green Stripe Fatty 90/100 size tyre at the Nutbuster round to wrap up the Championship.

NOTE : For higher speed stability (i.e Regular Enduro / Trailriding or Cross Country)-use Yellow Stripe Versions instead.

Mousse / Tubliss fitment highly recommended  to gain the full benefits of this tyre.



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