RABACONDA Adventure Bike Tyre Changer



The Adventure Bike Changer from Rabaconda is the same as the Dirt Bike Mousse changer -BUT- if doing ADV Bike tyres we very strongly recommend you purchase the Metal Bead Buddys (2 or 3) Part Number BB1-Shown below-from our website as well-as the ADV tyres are much stiffer in the walls and need to be very firmly held in the deep part of the rim well at all times during the changing procedure.

NOTE: These Bead Buddy Tools (pictured) do not come with the Standard ADV Tyre changer-they are an additional purchase to make ADV Tyre changing easier.

Also you will require 5 x TL 1 or TL2 style Tyre levers depending on whether you do Tubed or Tubless tyres.-TL1 for Tubed tyres -reduces fitting punctures-and/or TL2 for Tubless or Mousse. -see Video below. Careful Operators can do both systems with just 5 x TL2 levers.

NOTE: Limited  stock has just arrived. -Secure yours now while we have them !

Freight delivery cost $29.90 Nth Island and $39.90 Sth Island -Flat rate charge (as the unit is approx 16 kgs packed in its bag.)

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