E07 Front 50/50


Extremely popular Adventure tire designed for 50% road and 50% off road use.


E-07 is the worldwide proven Adventure tire and an excellent choice for adventure riders who look for a true 50/50 tire.

Dependable On-Road manners yet still retaining the ability to go Adventuring Off- Road into moderate terrain when required-whilst delivering excellent service life and durability.

Found being used throughout the world including the most remote areas of the globe.

Some sizes are available in DAKAR version (Yellow stripe) – a more durable and tougher tyre suitable for higher loads,  and extreme conditions.

NOTE- The DAKAR version gives extra resistance to damage and greater loads-but NOT greater kms-and is harder to change by hand.

Used and endorsed by Chris Birch

All Tyres marked TL (Tubeless) are also suitable for Tube fitment.



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Available Sizes:

E07-19-110/80 Y TL Dakar $231.00, E07-21-90/90 TL $192.00, E07-21-90/90 Y TL Dakar $209.00, E07-19-100/90 TL $203.00, E07-19-110/80 $214.00

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